Starting a new industrial process where expansion is inevitable? Worried about installing a cooling system that won’t be able to meet your future cooling needs? Designed specifically for future expansion, with fully assembled external water piping, our modular service in place chillers are easy to install, easy to remove if service in place and re-install for service when required. When you expand your process, a new module can be brought in and installed within a matter of hours with little downtime. If you have an industrial process where expansion is inevitable but difficult to anticipate or calculate, a modular chilling system is the perfect answer.

The process of creating plastics generates a lot of heat and uses a lot of energy. But the most compelling reason for installing a chilling system is the protection it provides your valuable processing equipment. Our modular chillers have been specifically designed, tested and proven to offer plastic processors significant savings in energy use and equipment protection.

Our chillers are quickly becoming the cooling equipment of choice for plastic processors. When working with equipment that is prone to heat failure and generates a lot of heat for the surrounding environment, you need a cooling system that is reliable, durable and can keep the equipment from overheating and efficiently remove heat from the surrounding environment. Not only will it extend the life span of the equipment, a modular chiller allows you to work in the same room in total comfort.


Our chillers are often used in the injection, extrusion and blown molding industries. The chillers for plastic applications can be central, i.e. several machines, or decentral, i.e., where each machine has its own chiller. Our modular chillers are the only truly modular design, where additional units can be added as your cooling requirements grow. In addition to cooling the hot plastic used to create plastic products, a chilling system can also cool down the equipment itself, i.e., hydraulics of the molding machine, gear box and barrel of the extruder.

Plastic Process Equipment

Because breakdowns can be so costly, a lot of thought should be given to the installation of new cooling equipment to avoid any costly interruption in the operation of the plastic process. A wise strategy in plastic process design is to build some redundancy into the cooling system. When two cooling systems are installed instead of one, each capable of cooling the equipment on its own, you can remove one unit to repair or service it while the other unit keeps the machinery cool. This design strategy not only requires a cooling system that is modular in the sense that it offers uninterrupted operation, but that can replace existing systems that are hard to reach. Our modular chillers meet these requirements and more. Because of their unique design, they are the ideal solution in plastic process where accessibility and space are restricted, expansion is inevitable, and uninterrupted operation is a necessity.

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