Double Pump Package For HVAC Chillers

Tandem Chillers Inc. designs and manufactures horizontal and vertical single, dual and multiple pump packages for HVAC and process cooling systems. This particular project is a Dual Pump Package for a chiller that uses a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to reduce the pump energy consumption for a stepped flow (variable flow) air conditioning system.

A pump package with a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) and chillers with on-off motorized evaporator valves is one of the most effective technologies the HVAC industry has seen in recent years. It is no surprise that more air conditioning cooling systems are using this technology as an efficient way to save energy while maintaining system integrity.

Variable frequency drives adjust the speed of the pump based on the water pressure, as the system demand is reduced and the chillers cycle off closing the water valve, the system water flow is reduced and the water pressure increases. The pump VFD senses this increase in pressure and slows the pump down to get back to the set point pressure. As the pump slows its energy foot print is reduced.

Not only will a VFD save you on energy costs, it should prolong the life span of the pump and motor as well other mechanical components in the water system. With a VFD, the initial power surge and mechanical shock (water hammer) of switching the motor from off to on is eliminated.

Our Water and Glycol pump packages with both expansion and open tanks, are available in all volumes and sizes. Our flexibility and quick turnaround allows us to complement our standard product line with custom systems at standard equipment lead-time and prices. We build to your customer’s fluid and dimensional specifications, giving you the edge over your competition with product and solution capabilities.

Whether an Air conditioning system or a Process Cooling system: Tandem’s chillers and pump packages will work for you. Together, our sales and engineering teams will provide you with the tools needed to present a winning customer specific solution. We will supply you all the technical data including calculations, pump curves and all relevant submittals.

We offer pumps and pumping systems to meet all required applications and standards. The available selections in pump components include motor rpm, housing type, pump and impeller materials, for specific applications. Our packages can be supplied in all voltages and frequencies for the international market.

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