Remote Air Cooled Condenser Chillers

Tandem Chillers offers a wide range of highly energy efficient remote air cooled condenser chillers for all of your commercial air conditioning requirements.  

Our latest air conditioning solution involved designing a 16 chiller system that could provide 75 tons of cooling for a building in Michigan. Our over sized remote air cooled condensers were the perfect fit for the tough and temperature extremes of that area. Our own unique coil support system isolates the refrigerant tubes from the unit. This allows the tubes to expand and contract without interference preventing contact and friction wear. Each unit is designed to operate fan cycling down to to 50°F (10°C) ambient temperature, with the addition of speed control of the first fan down to 0°F (-17.7°C) and with the addition head pressure control valves for flooded condenser down to -25°F (-31°C). Condenser can also be selected to operate up to 110°F (43°C) summer ambient conditions. Corrosion resistant components insure long lasting operation.

Our systems benefit from reduced costs, increased efficiencies and low environmental impact. These efficiencies are dramatically increased  with the latest technologies of High Efficiency Coils, Computerized Coil Circuiting, Unique Coil Design, Condenser Fans, Fan Motors, Head Pressure Control, and a Weather Resistant Control Panel.

Our remote air cooled condensers are community friendly. With high sound insulation these units are maintained without disturbing surrounding areas. The 410A chillers are rated for 650 psi and 134A units are rated for 450 psi.

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