High Static Discharge Pressure Fan Air Cooled Chillers

Sep 2019 – What do you do when you want to cool your building using air cooled chillers, but don’t have any room for them? There is a way and it means using high discharge pressure chillers. 

One of the more interesting problems facing a HVAC engineer is how to locate the air cooled chillers when there is no room in the building. In this case, the only solution was to use high discharge pressure chillers and put them in the underground parking garage.

By using high discharge static pressure propeller fans we were able to locate the chillers in the parking garage as the customer requested and duct the air up an away with no loss of condensing capacity (chiller capacity).

The fans were speed controlled to slow down and maintain the chiller head pressure with the cooler entering air temperatures seen in the garage.

These high discharge pressure chillers can be used in other situations as well.

They can be used when chillers are located indoors are require discharge duct work to get the hot condenser air outside of the building. They can also be used when  the chillers  are located in a pit or basement and need discharge duct work  to get the hot condenser air up and away from the chiller intake.

Other possible applications include those situations where the chiller air inlet has additional restrictions or pressure drop. The propeller fan will not only be able to overcome the inlet side pressure drop, but also the condenser coil pressure drop plus any discharge pressure drop.

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