Fluid Coolers

Tandem Chillers Inc. designs and manufactures dry air cooled fluid coolers using the same unique support system as the air cooled condenser and corrosion resistant components to guarantee long lasting operation.

Fluid coolers are computer selected to reduce the fluid cooler pressure drop and maximize efficiency. Capacity control is achieved by fan cycling on the leaving fluid temperature. For winter conditions below 32° F (0° C) we recommend a propylene or ethylene glycol water solution suited to your winter conditions to prevent freezing of then coil during the winter months. Unit comes with our exclusive 2 year limited warranty.

There are several options available when it comes to cooling a process or removing waste heat. You can use a chiller (40° F to 60° F), a cooling tower (80° F to 85° F) or a fluid cooler (100° F to 110° F). Fluid Coolers are another way of cooling a process if you can live with the higher temperatures during the summer months. They can also be used for free cooling in the winter months. All three solutions remove waste heat.

Main Features of the Dry Fluid Coolers
  • Corrosion Resistant Housing.
  • High Efficiency Coil.
  • Computerized Coil Circuiting.
  • Unique Coil Design.
  • Condenser Fans pressure cycled and speed control.
  • Fan Motors.
  • Weather Resistant Control Panel.
  • Fluid Temperature Control by fan cycling, optional three way valve.
  • Selected for water or glycol (EG or PG solutions).

We supply both high temperature fluid coolers for chiller condensers and low temperature free cooling units. Please consult factory for your specific application.

Information Required to Select Your Fluid Cooler

We supply both high temperature fluid coolers for chiller condensers and low temperature units for free cooling. Please contact the factory for your selection.

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