Tandem Chillers manufactures modular chilling equipment and related chiller equipment which fall into nine categories: (see Chiller Configuration Designation and General Specification tables below).

Our Product Line

Water Cooled Modular Chillers
Air Cooled Chillers
Condensing Units
Condenserless Chillers
Remote Air Cooled Condensers
Free Cooling
Fluid Coolers
Pump Packages
Filtration and Strainer Systems

Like all chillers, our models use water, glycol or air as a heat transfer medium.

Dedicated Heat Reclaim Chillers

We also offer Dedicated Heat Reclaim SCROLL chillers with 410A Freon and SCREW compressor chillers with 134a Freon both with high leaving water temperatures up to 145° F.

We offer ultra high condensing temperature water cooled scroll/screw chillers available with only freon 134A. From 130° F Entering Condensing Water to 150° F.

Fluid Cooled for Chillers
If you do not have access to a building cooling tower or cooling tower water all year round to use for your condenser cooling, we offer our line of high efficiency dry fluid coolers. These fluid coolers can be located on the roof or ground and are designed to supply water or water glycol at 10° F higher than the ambient air dry bulb temperature. With fan cycling sensing the leaving fluid temperature we can maintain the correct cooling load with changing ambient temperatures. They can be selected to operate up to a 60% ethylene glycol or propylene glycol water solution for winter operation. We also supply temperature control valves, pump packages and expansion tanks to complete your system.

Remote Condenser Air Cooled Chillers
If you do not have access to building supply water (cooling tower water), and dry fluid coolers are not an option, we offer high efficiency modular remote air cooled condenser chillers to be used with our high efficiency air cooled condensers.

Remote Air Cooled Condensers
Our oversized air cooled condensers are designed for operating in the toughest conditions and temperature extremes. Our unique coil support system isolates the refrigerant tubes from the unit, tubes expand and contract without interference, preventing contact and friction wear. Designed to operate up to 105° F summer ambient temperature and down to 55° F (12.7° C) ambient with fan cycling only, 0° F (-17.7° C) ambient with fan cycling and speed control of the first fan, –30° F (-34° C) ambient with fan cycling and flooded condenser incorporating a liquid receiver with pressure relief and isolation valves located on the indoor chiller portion and the head pressure control valves mounted to the condenser. Corrosion resistant components insure long lasting operation. Unit comes with our exclusive 2-year limited warranty and are selected to match chiller.

Free Cooling Units
We offer two styles of Free Cool Units, the first is designed to match our Outdoor Air Cooled chillers, each unit supplies 22 tons of cooling based on cooling from 54° F (12.2° C) to 44° F (6.6° C) at a 32° F (0° C) ambient temperature. These units can be coupled together to for higher cooling requirements. They can be selected to operate up to a 60% ethylene glycol or propylene glycol water solution for winter operation. We also supply temperature control valves, pump packages and expansion tanks to complete your system. These units are connected to our System Remote master for capacity control and to view operating and fault conditions by the BMS.

Using the same unique support system as the air cooled condenser and corrosion resistant components to insure long lasting operation. These fluid coolers are computer selected to reduce the fluid pressure drop while maximizing efficiency. Capacity control is achieved by fan cycling on the leaving fluid temperature. These units can be selected for any cooling temperature range, water/glycol flow and can be supplied with twelve (12) cooling fans per unit.

Pumping Packages
We supply pump packages with horizontal or vertical pumps, close coupled to 1750 or 3500 rpm TEFC motors, single or stand-by pumps with suction and discharge headers. Pump packages can be supplied pre-piped with all necessary shut-off valves, flow control valves, pressure gauges, thermometers, expansion tank, inlet strainers, temperature operated or motorized control valves, VFD for speed control of pumps and with a NEMA 4 or 12 control panels pre-wired to pump motors. Control panels are UL or CSA approved.

Table 1 - Chiller Configuration
A=Air Cooled020 = 20 TonsS = Single CircuitR = ReciprocatingY = R-134AA = 460/3/60
H = Heat Reclaim030 = 30 TonsD = Dual CircuitS = ScrewX = R-404AB = 575/3/60
R = Remote Air-Cooled050 = 50 TonsT = Tandem ScrollsW = R-407CC = 208/3/60
W = Water Cooled075 = 75 TonsZ = ScrollV = R-410D = 230/3/60
G = Glycol Cooled090 = 90 TonsF = 380/3/50
G = 415/3/50
J = 200/3/50
M = 380/415/3/50
Table 2 - Control Configuration Designation
Control Configuration
M = MasterC = COMPRESSOR1 = 1
S = SlaveU = CYLINDER2 = 2
H = HOT GAS3 = 3
S = SPECIAL4 = 4
Table 3 - Condenser Configuration Designation
Condenser Configuration
ControlCondenser Type
F = Fan SpeedA = Packaged Air-cooled
H = Head PressureH = Heat Reclaim Air-cooled
R = Remote Air-cooled
3 = 3 - WayW = Water-Cooled
G = Glycol-Cooled
General Specifications ALL Models
Water Cooled WX
134aWX-SSY 60-140N/A
410AN/AWX-DZV 10-85
Air Cooled VX
410AN/AVX-DZV 10-70
Condensing Air VCU
410AN/AVCU-DZV 10-35
Condensing Water WCU
134aWCU-SSY 60-140N/A
410AN/AWCU-DZV 10-70
Condenserless WCL
134aWCL-SSW 60-140N/A
410AN/AWCL-DZV 10-70
Remote Air Cooled Condensers TRAC
134aTRAC-SSY 60-140N/A
410AN/ATRAC-DZV 10-70
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