Process Cooling

It is a common mistake in any typical industrial setting to install a cooling system that is eventually incapable of providing the required process cooling due to expansion. If you have an industrial process where expansion is inevitable but difficult to anticipate or calculate, a modular process cooling is the only answer.

Designed specifically for future expansion, with fully assembled with external water piping, our modular service in place chillers are easy to install, easy to remove if not able to service in place and reinstall. When you need to expand your process cooling system, a new module can be brought in and installed within a matter of hours with little downtime.

Our high efficiency – high EER (energy efficiency ratio) modular chiller systems are designed so that chiller units can be field-coupled to meet large tonnage requirements with an ongoing energy savings throughout the life of the chilling system. With a small footprint, these units occupy less space than a larger tonnage unit or units. Our system is specifically designed for future expansions by allowing chiller units to be added in stages to precisely match process cooling load requirements.

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