Standard Features of Our Modular Chillers


We have taken over 45 years of chiller design, manufacturing and field service experience and applied it to our COMPACT CHILLER line to supply what we feel is the best compact chiller on the market today.

These Are Some Of Our Standard Features:

1. All our COMPACT water cooled and glycol cooled condenser chillers have been designed to be removed from the packaging in less than one hour without interrupting your operating system, chilled water flow, tower water flow and electrical power.

2. We have built-in casters that crank up and down so that the unit can be moved in and out on its own without the need for forklift trucks or pallet trucks.

3. At the inlet of each evaporator and condenser we install a bronze “Y” strainer¬†for additional protection from contamination in the chilled water or cooling tower water supply. We still recommend the installation of our stainless steel inline 6″ and 8″ basket strainer at the beginning of the piping run to our chillers in both the cooling tower and chilled water main lines.

4. In the condenser water in and out lines we have installed 3/4″ fittings with valves for cleaning of the condenser, if required.

5. Our exclusive “intelligent chiller control system” gives us the most powerful control system available for our chillers. We are able to give years of trouble-free operation without false trips, and the chiller alarm problems before they happen. The control system also has automatic compressor sequencing (lead / lag) for even run time and timed starts to ease inrush current.

This Is The Best Maintenance Program You Can Have!

The chiller senses six temperatures, four different pressures, water flow, two digital inputs for compressor motor overload, phase reversal, pump interlock and local/remote control of chiller. It displays suction and discharge temperatures and pressures, water in and out temperature, water flow, condenser inlet fluid temperature, liquid refrigerant leaving the condenser, alarm settings and alarm fault conditions, plus condenser sub-cooling, expansion valve super heat and the actual cooling capacity of the chiller at any time.

6. Using our exclusive control system and a motorized condenser water flow valve for head pressure control valve, we can operate the chiller at the lowest possible condensing temperature, thereby maximizing the compressor operating efficiency while maintaining optimum thermal expansion valve performance. The chiller uses both an oversized high-efficiency evaporator and condenser to maximize the compressor efficiency. Both give us the highest energy savings available of all compact chillers on the market today!

7. With a stainless steel frame, electrical control panel, evaporator, condenser, and bolt-on panels you have a long lasting, non-rusting chiller that will last for years.

8. We use ACR type L copper pipe and fittings in the manufacture of our chillers. During brazing, nitrogen is used to prevent scale from forming inside the pipes. All chillers are leak tested by pressurizing the unit to 100 psi with nitrogen and holding the pressure overnight, only then is a vacuum pulled and the unit charged with freon. The chiller is run tested and a “test data sheet” completed to be used as a comparison during start-up of the chiller.

9. We locate all controls, valves and filters where they are accessible for inspection and maintenance without removal of the chiller, for major service the chiller can easily be removed.

10. We take extreme pride in every chiller we manufacture and back up our chillers with our excellent warranty: 2 year parts warranty with an optional 3 year available on the compressor for a total of 5 years.

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