Modular Chiller Design

Worried about replacing or repairing a chiller once it has been installed? Or maybe you want to expand your operation in the future. Chiller breakdowns are inevitable fact of life. But it wouldn’t it be nice to be to fix the problem without shutting down your process and losing days, even weeks of cooling capacity? Unlike most chiller designs, our unique modular chiller design makes chiller breakdowns and repair a problem of the past.

The same modular design is also the perfect solution for those situations where future expansion is inevitable, accessibility and space are restricted and where large cooling capacities and uninterrupted operation are required.

Our modular chilling system is the only design of its kind that is modular in assembly and disassembly: It allows you to remove a chiller for service or replace individual components without shutting down the balance of the system – removal in the space of 1 to 2 hours. Our modular chilling systems consist of a series or group of chilling units that operate together to offer the large cooling capacity required but are treated as individual chillers not one large chiller with multiple compressors.

How Does It Work?

The beauty of our modular design is that a series of 12 chillers (or 2 sets of 6 chillers) share a common piping system that each unit can be separated from. When a unit needs to be serviced or repaired, all you have to do is uncouple the chiller from main piping system and take the unit out.

When you need to remove the chiller unit for servicing take the following steps:

1) Close the condenser and evaporator isolation valves.
2) Remove the victaulic couplings valves between the isolation valves and the evaporator and condenser, leaving the valves attached to the main headers.
3) Unbolt the two (2) vertical “main header supports” from the back of the chiller.
4) On the chillers there is a slot in the front and back of the chillers allowing the chiller to be raised and a round bar or pipe can be placed under the chiller frame and the chiller rolled out.
5) After the repair has been completed reverse the process and connect up the piping.

All this has been done without shutting down the balance of the system. It allows you to choose when to do service, not the time of year.

Modular Chiller Design
Modular Chiller Design

Download the Modular Chillers Header Connection

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