Computer Room Cooling

With computer and server use on the rise, computer room air conditioning is quickly becoming a problem that is best solved using modular chillers. Our modular chillers are the most efficient way to supply chilled water to cool your computers and servers. Whenever you need a quick, quiet and efficient cooling system to keep your staff and equipment operating at peak performance, consider Tandem Chillers.

Our modular chillers have been specifically designed, tested and proven to offer affordable temperature control in even the most severe heat conditions. Data centers, server and computer rooms have long depended on separate cooling systems for equipment cooling and heat rejection. Our chillers are quickly becoming the heat rejection equipment of choice for facility and thermal management experts. When working with equipment that heats the surrounding environment, to keep cool you need a cooling system that can remove heat from the conditioned area to the atmosphere. Not only will it extend the life span of the equipment, it allows you to work in the same room in total comfort.

The Problem With Computer Room Air Conditioning

Cooling and ventilation is probably more important in a computer room than any other room because of the extra heat generated by the computer. Additional air conditioning or ventilation ducts are often required, not only for the equipment operators, but also for the temperature sensitive equipment. But as computer use rose to unanticipated levels, it was not surprising that many of these server or computer rooms were hastily built without any serious thought to keeping them sufficiently cool. With computer speeds doubling every two years and computer and server density at maximum levels, traditional cooling systems couldn’t handle the increase in heat generation. With very little room for downtime, a lot of thought has to be given to the installation of new heat rejection equipment to avoid any costly interruption in the operation of the computer room.

The Modular Chiller Solution

Current server or computer room designs recommend several small packaged cooling or air handling systems that pull warm air from above a raised floor, cool the air, and then transfer it to an underfloor plenum. Once it has been extracted from the air, the heat is transferred to a water cooled chiller, a water cooled condensing unit or an air cooled condensing unit located outside the building. A wise strategy in server room design is to build some redundancy into the cooling system. When two cooling systems are installed instead of one, each capable of cooling the room on its own, you can repair or service in place it while the other unit keeps the room cool. This design strategy not only requires a cooling system that is modular in the sense that it offers uninterrupted operation, but that can be serviced in place. With our modular chilling system you can easily add chillers to expand its capacity as the data center expands. Because of their unique design, they are the ideal solution in computer rooms were accessibility and space are restricted, expansion is inevitable, and uninterrupted operation is a necessity.

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