Single and Double Pump Packages

Tandem Chillers designs single and double heat pump packages for chilled or condenser water. Range – 25 gpm to 1000 gpm, 1 ½ hp to 40 hp pump motors, discharge pressure 30 hf (15 psi) to 150 hf (65 psi). For more information about what we offer visit Pump Packages.

Indoor Single or Duplex Pump Package

  • Pump Piping matched to chiller headers
  • Available for chilled water or condenser water
  • Suction strainers on each pump with isolation valves
  • Automatic swing over of failed pump to stand-by on duplex pumps
  • TEFC motors, 1750 or 3500 rpm
  • Pump controller communicates with System Remote Master
  • NEMA 4/12 (EEMAC 4/12) Control panel

Outdoor Pump Package

Same as above PLUS

  • Weatherproof housing and control panel
  • NEMA 4/12 (EEMAC 4/12) Control panel

Models: SP- Single pump system. DP – Duplex Pump Package. All Pump Units are UL 1995 approved.

Options Available:
Pump Motor VFD
Future third pump for expansion or automatic stand-by.
Expansion tank with inline air scoop, automatic air vent and fill valve.
Stainless Steel Buffer Tank with air vent and pressure relief valve.
Automatic Glycol feeder from 6 gallon, 17 gallon and 45 gallon glycol holding tank and pump.
Chemical pot feeder.
Pre-piped and wired on a common skid.
Outdoor pump package can be pre-piped to the air cooled chillers
Larger Penthouse style units with heaters, fresh air inlet and ventilator fan.

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