Library Chillers For Schools, Colleges and Universities

Air Cooled Chiller For University Library

Proper air conditioning and ventilation are important issues for a healthy  public building. This is particularly true for local public and academic libraries.  Schools, colleges and universities rely on temperature control systems to preserve important documents and books.  If the cooling system for your library needs to be updated, consider our library chillers. Continue reading “Library Chillers For Schools, Colleges and Universities”

Service In Place Air Cooled Chillers

Air Cooled Service In Place Chillers

Introducing our latest example of our new line of “service-in-place chillers”. These are air cooled chillers that allow you to service or repair each chiller without shutting down the entire system. Ideal for buildings requiring a reliable source of air conditioning.

Outdoor Air Cooled Chiller

VX040DZV With Single Pump Tank

Need an air cooled chiller but don’t have the space? The VX040DZV-SP is a custom designed outdoor air cooled chiller with the pump and tank built into the chiller that can be located outside of your facility where space is not a problem.  This outdoor packaged chiller is designed to operate all year long in all types of weather and is an ideal way to cool your process while saving valuable floor space in your plant.

For more information about our air cooled chillers visit Air Cooled Chillers.